To my awesome and lovely pet lover readers! Today, I am going to give you an advice based on my knowledge and personal experience as a groomer, working with dogs, as a pet lover, and as a mom. As well as what the science of each dog breed says regarding personality, character, overall health and to fulfill what we are looking for which is to find that perfect match for your family and children. When we were going to get Sasha, our sweet little female shih tzu; I put hands on, to investigate everything about that breed. At that time my daughter Camila was 3, so I needed to make sure to get a well behave dog with small children. When you do your research, your percentage of failure is going to be very low. You really want to make sure is the right companion for the whole family! You don’t want in a later point to have to say good bye, causing heartbreaking to your children or the dog itself which they get really attached very soon to the family. So my pet lover readers, let’s get started in this fascinated dog breeds with the most recommended dog breeds for the entire crew members!

Not everyone lives in a big space or a house, so please be aware of your limitations. It is very important that your decision is based on what you have such as: time, money, and space. Consider these three aspects before you adopt or purchase a dog. Please do not be selfish just because you want a big dog, you are going to put him/her in a very limited space. Or talking about the money aspect, a large or big dog is going to demand more money and more of your time. As a mom there is a saying that says “ Small child, small the problem. Big child, big problems”. I think is true and because our dogs are not only companions. They are part of our family, a member of our pack! We need to think twice if we really can afford a big dog in our home. That being said, let’s start with our little ones! Being number 1 the most recommended small breed that are excellent companions for children. But please be advise that “we” as parents still need to be aware when children and dog are together. Our little kids are learning and sometimes they can get really tough with their four paws friend.


The Most Recommended Small Breeds- My Top 5:

A dog is considered to be small when they weight from 5-25 pounds. They eat approximately two times a day depending on how much they weight will be the portion. Usually, depends on the dog’s activity but here is a usual example on what a small dog eats: 1/2 cup up to 1 3/4 cups daily.
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1. Shi Tzu

2. Miniature Snauzer

3. Lhasa Apso

4. Havanese

5. Bichon Frisé


* Enjoy to be around children, they are not afraid of them.

* Are very playful, loyal, and social.

*They don’t bark as much as little dogs tend to bark.

* Very smart and alert. Enjoy learning commands.

* They love to be indoors.

* very spoil

* very smart and independent.

* They will watch over you and their love ones at every moment.


The Most Recommended Medium Breeds- My Top 5:

The Medium breeds are especially for those who are planing in adding a big dog into the pack. Each of these breeds are unique, although they have some similarities. Medium breeds weight 30 up to 60 pounds. They can eat 2-3 cups daily.

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1. Cocker Spaniel

2. Bull Terrier

3. French Bulldog

4. Pug

5. Samoyed Dog



* They are very adaptable.

* Great companions.

* Very smart.

* Great to train at any stage.

* They take very serious in taking care of a baby.

* they love to be outdoors and play.

* loyal and better to be around with other dogs than small dogs.

The Most Recomended Large Breeds- My Top 5:

Large dogs are the ideal watch guards for every home! They can intimidate you! They are loyal and great companions with their families, but not that much with strangers. Large dogs requires lots of attention due to the physical activity that they need. Also, they eat big portions throughout the day. A dog from 60 pounds up to 100 pounds will need 3 cups up to 6 cups per day. It all depends on the breed, size, health, and energy.
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1. The Giant Poodle

2. The Golden Retriver

3. Labrador

4. The Great Dane

5. Collie


* Very sweet.

* Easy to train.

* Very smart.

* Lots of energy.

* Very playful.

* Requires lots of attention.

* Nobody will come close to you!




When we are getting a new member to our family we need to take it very seriously. Hopefully, this advice can guide you in knowing which dog breed best fits your family needs. In this case, we are specifically watching for the wellness of our children. These breeds are secure for our children. However, be cautious at least the three first months at all times with your dog and children. Watch how the dog’s behavior is when kids are around, see how they interact with each other. Mostly, when you are adopting a dog that is not a puppy anymore, or you don’t know the dog’s past history. It might be that the dog was mistreated causing an alteration of its temperament. There is always an exemption to each rule!

I am anxious to know how many dogs my pet lover readers have, is small, medium or a large dog?

Let me tell you something… A little secret but shhhhhh… We are getting ready to have a new member to the pack! Who can guess which dog breed and size will be?


Lots of loves from my pack to your pack!




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  1. Love this post! My 12 year old has always wanted a big dog, but we live in a small apartment and I still wanted to give him his dream of having a dog. So we got a dog from a friend who’s doggies had puppies and he has been the best little addition to our family. He is a miniature Yorkie and Chihuahua Mix who only weighs 3 lbs! (4lbs when he visits my mom who likes to give him more treats than normal) He’s such a great companion for me and my son. Little Clyde loves us both and we love him!

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