As a groomer, I have seen cats being pampered in my hands, but no more than dogs. This has a reason right? There is a saying that is often used by cat enthusiasts: “ While dogs have masters, cats have servers” and anybody who owns a cat knows that is true! Cats are very independent creatures and could very easily survived without us. However, a cat can easily create a strong bond with its owner giving his owner lots of affection. When it comes to the groom part is a little scary for an owner because you don’t know how your lovely cat is going to react. Imagine me, as a groomer being with a cat that is not familiar with me and I am not familiar with their attitudes and the feline personality. This is where expertise comes into play!

Today I will teach you, how to properly groom a cat “your cat” at the comfort of your home! Oh yes, you can do this! And every time you will be getting better and better until you become a master on it! Hopefully this article will be helpful to you and all your love ones. The best of all is that your cat will deeply appreciate it and your bank account as well!


Understanding Your Cat:


First of all my dear cat lover! you need to understand that cats are very smart animals and can be extremely affectionate. However, they can have their special days like us humans! where we don’t even want to go outside, or talk to people, or cook, or do exercise… and so on and on. Same thing happens with cats. They are very special and as the owner you need to recognize how is your feline feeling, for better results when doing your cat’s grooming.


The human-feline relationship is one of mutual respect and understanding. Cats are very communicative, they love to communicate with us through their body language, vocalizations and physical interaction and contact with its “server”. As an owner of a cat, you need to learn how to fully understand the behavior of cats and be able to evaluate their moods, or to interpret the signs. This is the clue to make that your cat loves being pamper at a bath tub and to properly groom your cat.

I will go in deep on this matter in another article, but for now…let me give you this practical list to have it in mind when trying to understand your cat. Cats use more than 16 different sounds and noises in order to communicate to you. For example: Meowing- An study showed that the sounds rated as more urgent were longer, and the pleasant ones or less demanding were shorter.


* Meowing, purring, hissing and growling, howling, screeching.

Body language:
* Ears, claws and paws, eyes, whiskers, body and head, tail.

Feline facial expressions:

Happy, alert, angry, defensive, anxious, depressed. They create certain movements on their face to recreate or to express each type of mood.

-In vocalizations, the hissing language is when the cat expresses anger, discomfort,or if they are afraid. Be careful because after this sound they are going to attack and scratch.


A Simple guide to groom properly your cat:

When doing the grooming to your cat, please choose the day when your cat is in a happy and relax mode. Being at home is a big plus due that cats are very territorial. It might be possible that when you try to put him/her in the bath tub change it’s body language to an anxious or alert cat state. But now, depends on you being calm. Remember they can read and feel your state as well. If your cat is a kitten it will be much better for you, because they will easily get used to it; if this is not your case, do not worry and be patient because it is possible! You just go little by little. If in a day, you can not do a complete groom, that’s fine, do it the next day and so on.

First Day: introduce your cat to water. There is a misunderstanding that cats don’t like water. This is not 100% sure. I know lots of cats that simply loves water. Another misunderstanding is that cats do not need to be groom. This is totally wrong! And trust me you are going to help your cat not to go to the vet. Having a regular and properly grooming to your cat will Definitely help them to their health aspect. Knowing, that cats are very clean animals. They are always cleaning themselves, because they love to be clean!

Softly and gently put your cat inside the bath tub with its favorite toy. Leave your cat feel Comfortable there while you play with him/ her there. When you see that your cat is relaxed, make your cat even more relaxed doing some massages. After this, you can start filling the tub with water ( not too much). Then add a shampoo special for its coat. Last, rinse out completely and put a warm towel around and start brushing! It takes patience and dedication! with time and practice will become easier for you to bathe your feline. Trust me on this one your cat is going to love, and even better if you do it fun.


Important aspects of grooming your cat:Cutie taking a bath


A. Bathing:


1. At the beginning do not take more than 10 minutes. Make sure the water is warm.

2. Use a tear free shampoo. My favorite ones are the ones that includes oatmeal.

3. For long haired cats use conditioner as well. Make sure to rinse with lots of water. Due that they love grooming themselves and they can easily ingest the shampoo/ conditioner chemicals.

4. Always do massages, this will help your cat feel love and comfortable.

5. Speak while you are bathing him/her and praise!

6. You can use gloves in order for you not to get any scratches.

7 bathing your cat should at least once at month.


B. Drying:

1. Use a warm towel and the same one every time.

2. Always put the towel around their bodies, and dry the head with it as well.

3. You can take your cat in a secure place out to receive the sun light and let them dry themselves as well.

4. Use a special cat comb to massage and comb their hair.

5. You can cut your cat nails. ( I will explain in another article, how to do it)

6. Clean your cat ears with a soft cloth or cotton balls. Do not do it very deeply. You can buy an ear cleaning solution for better results.



For properly groom your cat at home it is important to be careful and read your cat’s face and body language. It is important to follow each step and to do it frequently. The cat will become used to it if frequent handling, touching and grooming. Remember that grooming your cat contributes to their health ( skin, coat and body oils) promoting skin and cell regeneration. Being their fur very shiny! It’s a matter of you and your feline friend to get accustomed!

I wish you and your lovely cat to have a fun and secure grooming and hopefully this article can help you to ease the process. If you feel insecure or have more questions, you can email me or leave a comment and I will promptly help you and walk you through it! For the ones that already do their grooming to their cats, I will love to hear on the reply section your experiences or funny stories in the grooming process.


Have a wonderful meawwwwwwuuuu day!


Tons of love,






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  1. Great article Marcela! I’ve never quite been able to give my cat a bath…she just runs and hides as soon as she figures out what is going to happen…Yikes!

    1. I know Larry! It is difficult but not impossible. It is just a matter of time,dedication and patience! Continue trying and let me know if you did it!

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