My lovely readers, today I am going to be walking you step by step on how to express your dog or cat anal glands. I know it sounds a little nasty, but this is an important health factor for your pet. It is easy and you can do it at the comfort of your home. If you think you can’t manage it, take your pet to a groomer specialist. However, I truly recommend it to do it at home for three reasons: is more comfortable for your pet, it will save you money, and there are in some grooming places that they tell you that everything is included, but they don’t do it. I discovered this, when my clients used to tell that their dog although is clean it keeps smelling bad. They told me that in the other grooming place that they used to take their pet, they did it. However, when I was expressing the pet anal glands I noticed it was not done. This is sad, but is the truth. So don’t take chances, and I will say to better do it yourself. Let’s start! I will explain the process on how to do it properly. It is very important to follow each single step. And once again, if you are unsure or uncomfortable, do not try it at home.

The Importance Of Expressing Your Pet Anal Glands:

Dogs and cats both have anal sacs or anal glands in their perineal area located under their skin in both sides near their anus. Dogs secrete this fluid via the ducts on the inner aspect of the glands when they defecate in order to leave their scent behind on the feces for other animals to recognize. It is a way of communication between dogs and cats. Occasionally, the dog is not able to empty his glands completely and they become impacted. Clinical signs of impacted anal glands are the dog licking the anal area constantly or “scooting”on his hind end with his anal part  over the pet lover carpet!

If you watch this behavior or a constant bad odor, Even though you are frequently bathing your pet, be aware that is a red light for you to pay attention and express your pet anal glands. It is recommended to do it once a month.


==> Click here to see where exactly are the anal glands<==


What you will need…

1. Latex gloves

2. Paper towels

3. Germicidal wipes to clean anal when done.

4. Muzzle- If your dog is not used to this it is better to put a muzzle as sometimes can be painful or uncomfortable. There are special muzzles for cats as well.

Procedure- How to do it!

Please be very careful not to cause any damage to the sacs. Follow each step carefully.

1. You can express your pet anal glands at the bathtub before you bath your dog or cat. Put the látex gloves.

2. You are going to look for the anal glands which view from behind, the sacs would be approximately 8 o’ clock and 4 o’clock below the anus.

3. Fold the paper towels and place them over the dog/cat anus.

4. Keep your head to the side of the dog anus.

5. Place your gloved fingers splaying gentle but consistent pressure around the glands.

6. Press inwards and towards the opening of the anus, expressing both glands at the same time.

7. Check the paper towel to make sure the fluid is normal. Should be smooth paste of dark brown coloring. Otherwise, your pet should be seen by a veterinarian.

8. Trash the paper towels, and at this point you should continue bathing your pet.

9. Sanitize and clean the bathtub.

Note: Please be aware that is normal if when expressing the anal glands smells very bad. ????


Remember it is important to know the location of the anal glands. These sacs are located between the external and internal muscular rings of the anus.

Hopefully this article will be useful for my pet lovers! As we enjoy their company, I think that we need to make a retribution of the tons of love, smiles and everything they give us daily! We should be better pet owners caring every day about everything our dog or cat needs. It is not only to have them at home, but it is to invest with our time and money. They deserve it and they count on us! I know this procedure It is not pleasant for you or your pet. But we do everything that is in our hands to keep our awesome best friends in good health.

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