It is amazing when you get to understand your feline friends! I would like to share in this article an interesting part of the history of cats and cat grooming. So… relax, sit down and enjoy this trip full of information, magic and suspense!


How It Started…

The ancestor of the cat is thought to be a weasel-like animal, Miacis who lived in earth 40 to 50 million years ago. Interestingly enough, Miacis is the ancestor of all land carnivores, including the dog. Studies showed that their existence in North America goes as far as 9 million years ago compared to Asia with 11million years ago. From this same study, scientist were also led to believe that cats were originally domesticated in the Near East. The descendants of today’s modern house cat were transported across the globe by their human companions.

By 1500 BC, cats were considered as gods and were worshiped in the Egyptian culture. Egyptians though that the cat eye has something mysterious and will protect them from evil. In addition, cats started to be a symbol of eternity and were allowed living with priests in temples! What a wonderful creature!

Even Better…

They were so magnificent to people that people even travel long distances to the temples, and meet with these special creatures to ask them questions; the priests were so connected to these creatures that the priest were prepared to translate and interpret their cat language giving answers to their human questions. They gained so much popularity with this, that there was imposed a penalty for killing cats… they will kill you!


The Interesting Part…

When a pet cat died, their Egyptian owners would shave their eyebrows as a symbol of grief and honor. These felines were buried as humans. They were mummified and they put rats and some food, so the cats could have plenty of food in her/his afterlife. Can you imagine this? They were treated even better than humans.

By approximately 1000 BC, Greek and Phoenician traders brought cats to Europe. They were very well welcome and were treated in a high regard because they helped to control the rats and mice. In the other hand, in Rome considered them very mystical creatures and were portrayed as guardian spirits.

In Asia, especially in China and Japan; cats were considered as protectors and as a good luck charms. To the point that every business, house, and store must had the cat statute symbol called: “ Maneki Neko”


The Dark Side… It ended up not as dark!

By the Middle Ages, many believed that these felines were nice creatures with healing powers. However, during the “Dark Ages” some superstitious warriors during the crusades referred to the cats as creatures of the devil and servants of devils and witches. Sadly, thousands of cats were killed by these warriors influence and superstition. By the time, due to lack of cats, started flea, rats, mice infestations which led lots of human infected by its plague. The good news is that the small population of domesticated cats that were left; helped with the rodent control, allowing them to return to society and interact with it. They were heroes! They saved us! The cats eliminated all the diseased rats.


Finally, The Grooming Part Arrives!

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, cat shows were born. Cats were finally returned from being persecuted, being adored and admire. They were part of the interaction with society as domesticated friendly felines. This cat shows started to be so popular that it gave place to the grooming aspect of these fantastic creature! Some people, back then believed that cats were very meticulously vanity alone for all the hours that spent in their self-grooming. An interesting fact, is that cats spend up to one-third cleaning themselves as a social behavior learned since birth. The only time when cats don’t clean themselves is when they are sick. I just gave you a clue, when you noticed that your cat is not doing his/her grooming you already know that something is not good.

As a groomer, some cat owners asked me this question: why do I have to do a grooming to my cat or take my cat to a groomer, when they do it themselves? Hummmmm, you want to know my expert answer?

Let me answer to this question! Yes! Dear cat lovers, they can clean themselves but keep in mind the following:

– They cannot take out their anal glands ( if you noticed that your cat smells bad, it might be because of this)

– owners with allergies can benefit from your cat’s grooming.

– You will alíviate your cat stomach due to the hairball, which accumulates by the constant liking of its coat. Causing the cat to swallowed it and ended up as a big mass of hair in their intestines. This will cause you to take your lovely cat to the vet, and worst scenario… surgery!


Please, please, please…! My advice to you, cat owner is to take your furry one to the groomer or do it yourself at home. (Refer to the article: How To Properly Groom Your cat- You can do it at the comfort of your home). When you introduced your cats properly and  frequently; but even better, when they are kittens, they will enjoy being wet!


Thank you my cat lovers for your precious time. Please leave your comments, stories, or concerns on the “Leave a reply” section.

Enjoy the rest of your day with your cats! As I am enjoying it with my cat Cutie!

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4 Replies to “Cat History Facts- The Cat Grooming Apperance!”

  1. Your cat Cutie is sure a cutie! 🙂 I thought it was interesting to learn that the owners of cats in ancient Egypt shaved their eyebrows when their cats died. How weird / neat is that?

    Great advice about grooming! 2 of my cats have shorter hair, so they do do a great job with grooming. Our newest guy, Teddy, has longer hair and we quickly discovered he gets mats in his hair, which really seem to bother him. So, that’s another reason that grooming by humans can be necessary.

    We found a rake-like comb that works wonders, but I can see how taking him (and the other 2) to a professional groomer can be beneficial as well.

    How many cats do you have?

    1. Hi Christina! Oh yes, the long haired cats require more time and very
      Important to be brushed and bath regularly, they can easily become tangled and matted and this could be very painful for the cat.
      Cats have a very low pain tolerance because their skin is very thinner and sensitive.
      Regarding to your question how many cats I have? I will say… tons 😉! Close to where I live there is a school and there are lots of abandoned cats there. I gave them food frequently and try to help finding homes for them. But at home I have one!

  2. Very interesting the historical review of the cats, congratulations…! Impressive the unfair and cruel treatment that these noble animals received in Europe during the dark Middle Ages. That also happened to thousands of people who did not adhere to Catholicism; remeber the Crusades, Carlo Magno and the Holy Inquisition.
    It is an example of the extreme that religious beliefs can reach when people accept the presence of supposed demons, and incarnate them arbitrarily in other people or innocents animals.
    Fortunatly, the did not disappear and we’ve the privilege of enjoyed their rewarding and healthy company.
    I raise prayers so that in the future no influential church reactivates those insane beliefs.
    Best regards,

    JAIRO E.

    1. Thank you Mr.Carrillo! Very good contribution, and I hope as well that those insane beliefs don’t happen again! My wishes are that more people adopt these awesome loving creatures!

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