Hello dear visitors! Thank you to stop by, and Welcome to my special place! Which hopefully it becomes yours as well!


I will tell you about myself…

My name is Marcela Serna. I am a mom and a wife of a loving husband and a mom of two beautiful children: Camila and Mateo. I enjoy being a mom, they are my engine!

Secondly, I am passionate about animals, especially dogs and cats ūüėć I do whatever it takes to help them! That is how I became a groomer, but in my desperate need to learn more as well as trying to find the best quality clothing, exclusive accessories and a vast variety to choose from; I spent long hours over the internet trying to find everything I needed it for my purr ones. This was very frustrating for me! This is how Pet Lovers came into place!

I decided to create this platform because there are others that like me in this busy world, got stuck trying to find something that accommodates to their necessities!

Pet Lovers is the platform where you will find articles to help you at home with your pet in different aspects such as: bathing, grooming, products of the best quality to use, how to massage your pet, how to help them in case of an emergency, best pet hotels, discounts, best places to visit with your purr one, what do you need to travel with your dog, pet friendly hotels, and so on! As well as the most refine, exclusive, cute, unique, special designs in accessories and clothing for your purr best friend in one place!

Our pets being their life’s so short, deserve the best treatment. They deserve to be love, to have a great comfort, to be spoil and enjoy with you the life to their maximum potential!

So… that being said, if you love your pet and you are a PET LOVER like me, this will be your special place to shop!

Your dog, your cat will love and appreciate it! and your friends will ask you where are you getting those unique accessories, because nobody else has them!


All the best,

Marcela Serna

Creator and Director of mypetlovershop.com

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  1. Interesante p√°gina con informaci√≥n clara y √ļtil para los que desean mejores condiciones para sus mascotas dom√©sticas (perro o gato).

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