My dear pet lover readers! Today you are going to learn how to properly groom your dog at home and the basic things you should have to make this task easier. I know we all have very busy lives, but let me ask you something, being a busy woman or man… Do you still have time to make lunch for your kids? Or to take them to the park? Or what about a little time to read or even to learn something new? I can feel what you are thinking! So, you can have a time with your purr one to dedicate yourself at least one hour every fifteen days, or let me give you the opportunity to do it once a month! 😉Isn’t your dog part of the family? Of course! Then, they need to be spoil and pamper by their loving owner. In addition, it will save you money! That being said, let me give you these tips so you can easily groom your dog at home.


 Why is grooming so beneficial for your dog:

1. If you just recently buy a puppy or if your simply get a dog is beneficial when they get grooming early on their lives, because the pet becomes familiar and see it as part of something normal and regular.
2. It’s bonding time with his/her owner. Remember that dogs look at you as part of their pack. This bonding time will help them emotionally and socially.

3. Brushing and combing helps to their skin and coat. It helps distributes all their oils! As well as to help them feel comfortable, due that mats and tangling can be very uncomfortable and painful in some cases.

4. It helps get rid of dirt and excess hair.

5. Combing and massaging stimulates the nerves, promoting new cell regeneration, hair grow and shine.




The Basic Tools You will Need:

First of all you will need tons of love for your best paw friend! These tools are not that expensive you can find these tools at very low prices at

* Small table

* One good brush

* one comb

* A nail clipper

* shears

* Shampoo and conditioner

* A dog cologne

* One electric clipper (optional)

* A hair dryer ( it doesn’t have to be for dogs. It can be the one we as women use for our hair).


Hands On Grooming Your Dog At Home!

In these hands on part, I will explain you the right tool for your purr one to get. Let’s start!

The Brushes: these ones play an important part of the grooming process, especially if your dog is long-haired. It helps to get rid of mats and tangles. And I know, sometimes can be a little overwhelming when you see all the brands and the type varieties that your can find. But now, let me tell you which one will work perfectly for you and your dog. What are the different brushes? The wire slicker, pin brushes, bristle brushes, rubber curriers and hound gloves. ( if your want a deep explanation on each one just write on the comment section and I will be more than happy to go in deep with the different types of brushes and how they are useful in a new blog).

My advice to you is to go with the basics. The best one to get is the sliker brush-it can be with fine pins or coarse pins. A let me tell you, this type of brush is the most common used in a professional grooming salon. It is the most useful brush to easily get through those mats!

Combs: they are use in conjunction with brushes when the hair of your dog is really matted. The one that I recommend is the metal-toothed that are at least 7 inches long. You are going to choose your dog’s comb with this general rule:

Long comb teeth are used for long hair.

Short teeth are used for short hair.

Wide-spaced teeth are used for thick coats.

Finely-spaced teeth are used for thin, fine, soft and silky coats.

* If your dog is infested with fleas, I will definitely recommend you to get the flea comb with very fine and thin toothed. Wow! I love this one, it really works! And I personally use it for my dog.

* If your dog is badly matted and your want to preserve your pet’s hair, use the mat comb. It works kind of a blade! It is fabulous!


Shampoos and conditioner: I will write a different article about this. There are many products out there! Lots of them don’t work at all! Trust me as a groomer I had been using all types of brands. Shampoos will serve for many purposes such as: color-enhancing shampoos, deodorizing shampoos, de-shedding shampoos, flea and tick shampoos, scented shampoos, hypoallergenic, puppy, tearless, prescription shampoos or medical shampoos. This will work perfectly at home. It is awesome! 

Conditioners: excellent for long-haired dogs to help get rid of mats and prevent them. I love to use the oatmeal conditioners!
Nail clippers: once again there are different types. Such as :

*The guillotine

* The scissor

* The pliers style

* The dremel type

* The bird beak

The one that is more comfortable, I will say is the scissor type. These are very cheap and easy to use, but is not as precise as the pliers style nail clipper. There are ergonomics and makes the process less stressful for the dog. However, not everybody knows how to use it properly. You need to be very careful not to clip a nerve. For those dogs who are not very in love with nail clipper, you can use the rotary nail grinder. They are mostly used to file nails down quickly and efficiently.

Electric clippers: I always recommend to my clients to have one at home. You don’t need to get professional one. Clippers are available in many hand grip styles, speeds, and weights. A basic clipper can have two speeds to accommodate all thickness of hair. At home your can use it to groom the anal and interior part.


Final recommendations… When conducting your dog’s grooming at home!

1.  you put your dog inside the water, make sure is warm. As well as to brush the entire coat of your best friend. You need to brush deeply to be aware how matted is your purr one. If is too matted just do it superficially and wait after bath him/her to apply the conditioner.

2. Make sure when bathing- to rinse throughout the coat with lots of water. If you are applying a flea shampoo your can live it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with water.

3. At the time of bathing you can extirpate the anal glands with gloves and use your fingers very delicate. I know it sounds nasty and… it is! Be prepared because smells very bad! but don’t we love our dogs? It is beneficial for their overall health as well as to keep your dog Free of bad odors.

4. After you take your dog out of the water, put around a dry towel and massage. As I said before, you can use your personal hairdryer. After your purr one is completely dry, comb and brush entirely. Then, you can put a dog’s cologne without alcohol. Clean the eye part.

5. Now that your dog is dry and completely well brushed with no mats, you can start now cutting your dog’s nails. If your dog doesn’t like it, use the rotary nail clipper to file their nails. Cutting your dog’s nails is a very important factor. They can get bone damage if they have their nails very long.

6. If you have a clipper, use it to go over the private parts, and also under their paws. There is hair that tends to grow under the dog’s paws. It will be very helpful if you can do this to your dog.

7. With Scissors you can cut very careful the unwanted hair on his/her face. Especially on their eyes, so they can see the beautiful owner they have!


It is extremely important you follow these steps carefully, and if your dog is not cooperating at all, then call a professional!


As always, is a pleasure having contact with you! Please let me know your experiences doing your dog’s grooming. How about if your are a newbie…

Have a terrific woooooooow day!






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3 Replies to “Grooming Dog At Home-The Basic Tools You Will Need!”

  1. Great post for someone like me that is thinking about getting their first dog. You have to consider all angles of work before taking the plunge.

    Thank you for the guidance.

    1. Very helpful tips, everyone that own a dog should read it, the secrets will make you have a very happy and healthy dog.

    2. Oh yes Kyle! You need to consider all angles as you said. Once you have a pet at home, they become part of your space, they become a member of the family. It is a big responsibility when you assume to be a loving and caring owner!
      Thank you for your comment!

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