We all know as pet lovers the importance of frequently cleaning our dog’s teeth. However, I know that only few owners are aware of the fact that they should be brushing their dog’s teeth periodically, as well as checking their gums. It is our responsibility as a good caring pet lover to brush our pet teeth in regular basis. Studies had shown that 70% of dogs will show indications of gum disease by the age of 4 years old. Remember that our friends depend and rely on us. It only take a few seconds to help your purr best friend be in good health! As well as your pocket will appreciated it! Let’s put some hands on and educate ourselves in this matter to prevent a decease in our dogs. It is a matter of doing small and routine daily changes that have to regret for not doing it. These simple tips and steps that I will be presenting you in this article, can literally save your pet’s life! let’s explore and understand that as a pet owners we have a big responsibility with our dog dental health care. Stay tune with me! 😉

Dog Dental Problems:

For your knowledge here are some of the most common canine dental problems:

*GINGIVITIS- Is an inflammation of the gums which causes redness and swelling.

* PLAQUE- Is a type of mucus that will stick on the dog’s teeth, causing a bacteria.

* CALCULUS- A yellowish deposit on the teeth of dead bacteria which causes salivary secretions.

* HALITOSIS- A condition of having a very bad breath.


There are more of Dental health conditions which can lead to severe deceases damaging their digestive system, or spreading to the heart causing the dog’s death!😔

The Way To Prevent It...

The best way to prevent a dental decease in your dog, is brushing the teeth regularly! It is not a groomer or a veterinarian task. These specialist can do it, but you don’t take your dogs as frequent to the vet or groomer as your dog’s teeth need it. Ideally, pet lovers should brush their dog’s teeth at least once a day for 2-5 minutes. The earlier you introduce to your dog to this dental daily routine, the better and the faster they will adapt.
Their teeth should be brushed as if they were human teeth. The teeth should be brushed on all sides with soft circular movements all the way to the gums.


I know we all live in this busy world, we are always working, dealing with our kids activities, homework, issues, fixing home… and so on and on! However, our pets are our family, they are our babies. When we brought them home, we were not getting only the dog because it was cute, but we were getting all the implications required to fulfill all their needs and give them every day a wonderful and healthy way of living.

I truly, deeply recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth daily once a day. However, if you brush your dog’s teeth once or twice a week, you are still helping him/her greatly in avoiding disease. Also, there are some dog foods, and treats that are meant to aid in the maintenance of a dog’s teeth as hard food can help scrape the plaque off the teeth. Therefore, there is not really a substitute for daily brushing.

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Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth- What You Will Need…

First of all let’s see what you will need:

1. A toothbrush- A human toothbrush will work, especially a toothbrush for babies. There are also canine toothbrushes available on the market very cheap and reliable that may help better to clean all aspects of the dog’s teeth. The canine brush that I used for my dogs and that I mostly recommend is the finger brush, which slips onto your index and allows you to reach all surfaces easily.

2. Doggies toothpaste For this one please do not use a human toothpaste! It can cause severe damage to your dog’s stomach. That being said, there are several types of canine toothpaste available in different flavors for your dog to have a tasty and pleasant experience. Such as: peanut butter, chicken, or beef flavor. For those vegan friends, you will love this one!

These are the only two things you will need! You, as a pet lover do the rest! Tons of love, patience, and time!


The Winner Tips:

TIP #1: If you never brushed your dog’s teeth before, my advice to my pet lover readers is first to start by using a wet, clean washcloth. You can use this to massage your dog’s gum. This will get your dog accustomed to having his gums rubbed and cleaned. In addition, you can start by manipulating lips, flipping them up and down. You can see his/her reaction and if your pet is having a positive response, I recommend you to give some treats for compliance.

TIP#2: If your dog doesn’t like or is not so used to brush their teeth, you can try to do it after a walk or play time so the dog is calm and tired.

Tip #3: Praise your dog when conducting the procedure and make the experience as pleasant and positive as possible.

Tip#4: If you see that the gums have a strange color or signs of a disease, take your dog to the vet. It is better to make sure that everything is fine.

Tip#5: You can buy different doggy toothpaste flavors and make your dog with your finger try them all to see which one your dog enjoys the most.

Easy Steps For A Healthy Dog Smile:

Now, let me take you step by step on how to properly brush your dog’s teeth:

1. Find a peaceful place with a table to put your dog. Start by praising your dog, at the same time you are lifting the dog’s lip a way you can see up to the gums. Put the toothbrush in your dominant hand while placing your other hand over the top of his snout.

2. Apply it’s favorite flavor toothpaste to the toothbrush. Make sure to put the amount indicated by the manufacturer. Then proceed to rub the dog’s gum gently with the toothbrush or finger brush in circular movements. Brush all the dog’s teeth on the front,top, and back sides. The molars tend to accumulate more plaque, so I will recommend to focus on the rear molars first.

3. Praise your dog and give him the treat he loves!


Final Thoughts…

Remember your dog can get mouth, gum and tooth diseases just like us, so keeping a dog dental care will be of utmost importance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Let’s be proactive when it comes in caring and loving our awesome four paws best friends. They deserve it!

I am hoping this article can help you!

Wishing you a safe and fun wouuuff toothbrushing!



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