We all know how important is for our dogs to go outside! Every time you go out with your purr one you are creating a close bond, not only that! But you are keeping your best purr friend away from the veterinary. The health of your pet is a significant part for every dog owner. That being said, I am going to share in this article some aspects to have a healthy pet; beginning with the perfect fit of your dog’s leash, meaning that if you go to the gym, or running; you need special tennis shoes for this, right? The same thing happened when we take our love purr friends outdoors, we need to have the best dog leash for running, a leash for running with a small dog, and a dog leash for large dogs! so your pet can feel comfortable and if your pet is comfortable, your pet is going to be well behave!

Before I start, I want you to imagine yourself in a room with 4 walls for the whole day and you are allowed to go outside for 10 minutes and come back inside! How did you feel about this? Would you do it for an entire life? For a year? What kind of life we are giving to our dogs? This is why I don’t recommend a dog for a busy family! He is a member of the family and he or she needs to be included in all aspects of the family!

To go outside and walk is the key for your dog to stay healthy! Some people think that a small breed doesn’t need to go outside for a walk, wrong! and when I say ” a walk” is to go outside for at least 30 minutes ( for small breeds), and a 60-minute walk ( for a large breed) which should include: doing pee, pop, the healthy smelling, running, and interacting with its nature.

The Best Dog Leash For Running Suggestions:

The best Dog leash for your dog, especially for those active dogs that love to run are the ones that are adjustable, one tip ladies and gentlemen…not too tight, not too loose ( I will show you in my tutorial video for pet newbies, how to adjust it) when you put it on,we all know our dogs when are not comfortable, please check again the leash and re-adjusted.

When taking your buddy out, the leash needs to be from a strong material, but not harmful to your dog! I recommend the leashes where you can give your purr one a nice distance from you for your love one to explore, do the sniffing activity at the same time he/ she is secure at your side or side view. You need to check the measurement, some of them are in feet, the other leashes are measured by inches. This type of leash is the opposite to the ones I recommend when training your pup ( I will write an article regarding training leashes for dogs).


When Searching The Best Leash For Your Dog:

Always match to the leash the dog full range which doesn’t involve the dog’s neck. Personally, I love this type ( as shown in the photo above) I strongly advise you my dear pet lovers to buy one of this category. It has a very comfortable fit at the chest, attachments on the back to adjust and clipping it to the dog leash for running, perfectly for the big buddy’s that tend to pull. In addition, it allows you to have more control over your purr! I recommend you to visit amazon.com where you can find a grand variety of dog leashes based on your dog’s personality and your lifestyle!

To Consider When Running With Your Dog:

I would like to recommend you as well for dogs which are not that athletic, or for those purr short haired or simply if you live in a place where is mostly cold or very windy… consider the jacket a with the leash, this one I love! and it protects your best friend from getting sick after a fun running!

Your Dog Will Appreciate it…

Taking our four paws friends is an important aspect of being a good owner, everything that we do for them adds up for the overall health of your best friend. Take into consideration all the advises given in this article 😉 Always remember to keep your buddy Hydrated! So when buying the best dog leash for running, make sure to include the travel bowls, which are very lightweight, and you can also clip in your dogs jacket! The idea is that both of you make the walk an enjoyable and an unforgettable one!


Have a woooouuuuunderful running!


I will love to hear your comments when walking or running with your pet! Is it fun? Or is not enjoyable at all because your dog is misbehaving? Do you like the leash that you have for your dog? Tell me… what are your feelings, your struggles!



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  1. I agree you need the correct leash if you go running or walking with your dog. They are excited to get out of the house and will most likely be pulling. This can be harmful especially to the smaller dogs. For the life of me I forgot what the vet called it but if you just use the collar it crushes a part of their throat causing breathing problems. Wish I could remember what they called it.


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